It is time to share another how-to article on eBay. Yep, you all know that I use eBay and have written many articles on this subject. If you have missed any of them you can catch up here.

Since we are all caught up, it is time to show you something new. Recently, I was looking over my eBay account and noticed my Saved Sellers List. This got me thinking that I need to update my list to either delete some saved sellers or add some new ones. This thought made me realize that some people might not know how to add a seller or know where to go to manage all of them. That is where your favorite author is ready to step up and show you how. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can manage those sellers on your eBay account– from adding new ones to deleting old ones from your list. Let us get started and learn something new.

How To Manage Saved eBay Sellers

Step 1: Head over to and sign in to your account. Look to the top left for the Sign in link. Click it.

Step 2: After you are signed in, look to the top right. There you will see the My eBay option. Hover your mouse over it and a menu should appear. On the menu, find Summary, Click it.

Step 3: On this screen, look to the left menu and find Saved sellers. Click it.

Step 4: Here is where you can manage all those saved sellers. As you can see, you can delete them by clicking the Delete option under their name. You can even add a note to the seller. I added “Great Items” as my note for this seller. If you look over to the middle, it shows when you added this seller. Time to look to the far right of this screen.

Step 5: On this side, you have the options to Contact seller or View seller’s items (only available if they have anything else for sale). If they have a Store on eBay, then you should see the More Actions option. Click it and you will get a new option for Visit Seller’s Store. Let us look to the top right of this screen.

Step 6: At the top, you should see Edit for the whole list. Let’s click this option and then click on Edit seller preferences.

Step 7: On the Edit Saved Sellers and Stores Preferences screen, you can only do so much. This is used for getting or not getting the Store Newsletters. Click the box to get them or uncheck it to not.

Receive email newsletters directly from this seller with new listings, special promotions and other information. Sellers choose when to send newsletters, and may send to each list no more than once per week.

Those are the options that you have to manage these sellers you’ve saved. Maybe you saved a seller and are not sure how you did it. Time for the bonus step.

Bonus Step:  Showing you how to do this in Google Chrome Browser

If you wish to add a seller to your list easily, then this is how it is done. Go to a product the seller has listed. On the product page, look to the right of the Add to cart button. You will see a heart that says “Save this seller”. Click the heart. Done!

Not only do you know how to manage to save sellers, you also know how to add them. Time to share this and get into those eBay accounts to manage them.

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